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The Ivory Painted Furniture Range

Our Ivory Painted furniture range is a selection of beautifully made and expertly finished choice of bedroom furniture. This selection has a shabby chic look which will brighten up any bedroom and works very well with areas that lack a sufficient source of natural light. The Ivory Painted furniture range has a distinctive two tone effect which gives the products from this range a feel and look which has been optimized for an English country side setting. The two tone effect is achieved with the flawless ivory painted exterior that is offset by the warm and inviting satin ash wood tops and ash door and drawer knobs.
The Ash used in this painted bedroom furniture> has great finishing qualities which can be seen on the top of every item in this range. Ash timber is also a very versatile wood which is has a lot of strength, and has been used in everything from early car and plane bodies to acoustic and solid bodied guitars and drum shells. Ash wood has a beautiful light yellow wood tone and a slightly darker grain which is less dense and a little more evenly spaced than other furniture timbers. The overall look of ash is often confused with light oak because of its colour, grain ratio and similar strength properties. Furniture manufacturers will specifically select ash timber for certain products because of its physical properties, and all round reliability.
The flawless painted finish on this bedroom furniture range is achieved with two coats of primer and then a further seven coats of a knock resistant paint. This type of finish can take up to 12 weeks for the manufacturer to finish and simply can't be rushed, any sign of poor coating and the item is completely redone. The painted finish on this furniture is first calls and once the product arrives with you it will no doubt be the first thing you notice.
Each product has been carefully made and is packed with features to make this range of painted bedroom furniture last a lifetime. This shabby chic inspired range is made with tongue and groove boarded cabinet backs, dovetailed drawer boxes and traditional butt hinges on the wardrobes. The Ivory painted furniture range also has double roller catches and comes very well packaged for a safe transportation. This selection of furniture also has many items which come "Fully Assembled" and ready to be used straight from the packaging, the only exception to this is the Ivory Painted Wardrobes which will require some assembly. This is to ensure they will comfortably and safely fit when moved up even the most awkward and narrow stair cases.
Our Ivory Painted Furniture has a wealth of items to choose from which have been designed to de-cluttered and organize any bedroom. The range will also work with bedrooms of any size and has a choice of products to fit even the smallest of bedrooms. This selection has three sizes of beds to choose from which include single, double and king size beds. Four choices of bedroom chest that come in options of low 7 drawer chests, tall 6 drawer chest and even 6 drawer wellingtons or tallboys. In addition to these products there is also a design of painted blanket box and single pedestal dressing table, with a further option of stool and vanity mirror.
Our Ivory Painted furniture selection will work well with many homes and because it is low maintenance and very well made these products are guaranteed to last as long as you need them to.
If you like the look of our Ivory painted furniture range then why not consider other our Camden Painted Furniture selection which is very similar and equally beautiful.


Ivory Painted 2 Door 1 Draw Wardrobe
  W:  1182mm
  H:  1942mm
  D:  590mm
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Ivory Painted Swing Dressing Table Mirror
  W:  550mm
  H:  560mm
  D:  90mm
Ivory Painted Full Hanging Wardrobe
  W:  1182mm
  H:  1942mm
  D:  590mm
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Ivory Painted 5'0 Bed
  W:  2191mm
  H:  1050mm
  D:  1684mm
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Ivory Painted 3 Over 4 Chest
  W:  1492mm
  H:  764mm
  D:  425mm
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Ivory Painted 2 Over 4 Deep Chest
  W:  958mm
  H:  1180mm
  D:  425mm
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Ivory Painted 4'6 Bed
  W:  2115mm
  H:  1050mm
  D:  1540mm
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Ivory Painted 2 Over 3 Draw Chest
  W:  900mm
  H:  970mm
  D:  425mm
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Ivory Painted Single Dressing Table
  W:  1065mm
  H:  765mm
  D:  486mm
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Ivory Painted 3'0 Bed
  W:  2090mm
  H:  1050mm
  D:  1074mm
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Ivory Painted 6 Drawer Wellington
  W:  510mm
  H:  1166mm
  D:  360mm
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Ivory Painted Blanket Box
  W:  1000mm
  H:  505mm
  D:  460mm
Ivory Painted 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
  W:  450mm
  H:  615mm
  D:  350mm

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